Although the name suggests we only work with thoroughbreds, here at Hinterland, we deal with all kinds of horses – from warmbloods to stockhorses and everything in between!

Breaking in


Hinterland Thoroughbreds want to give your horse the best start at their racing career. They have the full set up of facilities for all their requirements, no matter what they are. Three covered round yards, a 60m x 25m all-weather arena, access to three tracks and farm rides.



Each horse is treated as an individual at Hinterland Thoroughbreds, so depending on where your horse is at with the process and their specific needs, we will put together an individualised program for them and tailor it depending on how they cope. Whether it is to optimise fitness levels, barrier skills, rehabilitation work or treadmill work, we can customise their program for you.

Horses in morning paddock


Sometimes all they need is a rest and some sunshine like the rest of us!

We have over 50 spelling paddocks all of which have access to our varying facilities. Queensland is beautiful for spelling horses any time of the year but it’s the perfect place to winter your carnival horses. Sitting at the base of Mount Tamborine means we get enough rain all year round to keep our pastures lush and full.